Technical Developer based in Amsterdam

Allrounder — As a trained fashion designer specialised in Fashion Design, Material-, Product Development and Textile Management and after gathering various experience in different departments within the textile production industry, I decided to put my main focus on design, develop and produce textiles for international designers, prominent brands and technical purposes to contribute and enrich the overall experience of work opportunities in many multi-disciplinary creative projects within the textile and fashion industry.
My passion lies in merging technical innovation with creative design to create impactful products.

Background — After attending a creative propaedeutic class at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Holland in 2012/13, I successfully completed my fashion studies in 2017 at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Basel, CH.
Specialisation — Specialized via Calida traineeship in material development, Sursee, CH.
Studied Sustainability Management in Textiles at Swiss Textile College, Zurich, CH.
Worked as Knitwear Developer and Operation Manager at extreme cashmere Amsterdam, NL.
Gained experience at Knitwearlab as a Technical Developer and Project Manager, Almere, NL.
Assisting at Claes Iversen as Technical Developer, Amsterdam, NL.

Work Experience — Proficient in technical development and material processes from roles like Junior Knitwear Developer at extreme cashmere, Amsterdam, NL.

Gained expertise at Knitwearlab in Almere, NL, refining collaborative skills from concept to final product.

Freelance engagements as Product Developer at Studio Elzinga, Amsterdam, NL, and Fashion and Product Stylist at Packshot, Amsterdam, NL.

Internships and traineeships across Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands.